Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I was finally able to upload some pictures!!(about time) Brent my sweet husband!!!
Aric, little Anna,and Jennifer
Jess!!!I love this girl!!She has been such a GREAT friend to both Brent and I!!!You look beautiful in that picture Jess!!! Ooh Kaela!!!She has been such a blessing in my life!!Love you!!

Bulle and Sarai.Oh, so cute!
Sweet Jennifer!!I love this girl !!We have been friends since highschool!!!She has been such a huge part of my life!!!

Kaela and Eli. Melissa,Christine,And Shanda.The picture of their husbands wouldn't upload!!(sorry)

Monday, October 23, 2006

FALL in definetly HERE!!! Wow, what a beautiful one we are having!!I love the sunny crisp days and the colors of fall!!!

I thought it would be fun to do Mr.potatoe head pumkins...The kids had a great time!~My little superstars!!

Hunter is praising the Lord!!
So proud!!!
Hunter only wanted to stir the seeds!!
And Drew was freaked out by the smell and feel of the pumkins.But he managed to take a few seeds out!
I don't think they knew what to think of the pumkins.Ewww and gross where the comment they where making!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Well, Brent turned 32 years old and probley had one of the most exciting birthdays ever!!!As all of you know Brent is a outdoors kind of guy!He hunts for two months straight!!!(He might argue with that!!!)But his love is in the woods!!!!I got a phone call around 6:30 and he was pretty excited.He had went to a spot where he had been seeing a lot of bear activity.He climbed in a tree and sat for about a half hour and waited to see if he could see anything.Then sure enough he saw two bears and they were headed right under the tree he was in!So he had a perfect shot!He shot it right in the lungs and chest with the first shot.The bear dropped and didn't get back up!Brent then put in a few more shots just to make sure.That is when I got the phone call about the bear.Then he called his dad to help him get it out of the woods.He stayed in the tree until his dad got there just to make sure the bear was dead.The bear is pretty big, he is around 300 pounds.(Bears around here are usally 150 to 200 pounds)With gutting the bear and getting it in the truck it took almost two hours.They had a hard time getting the bear in the truck...I'm sure it was pretty funny!!
The pictures are really bloody so if your stomach is weak you should not look at them.They look like they had a blood bath ,very gross!!!!And NO I will not eat the meat ...gross.It can be good... I guess it depends on their diet,if they eat berries and apples it's sweet and if they eat fish ....not good!!!But we will get him butchered and Brent said he is going to eat it.We eat all the animals he hunts!-I will post more picture later when he is a little more cleaned up.

It was so funny the boys had such different reactions to the bear .Drew was a little scare of it and Hunter was all over it.He thought it was so cool!I think Hunter is going to live up to his name!!!
Brent and his dad did a great job.What a mess they were!!!