Sunday, March 26, 2006

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Well, this is my sweet precious Drew bug!! He has changed my life completely! I don't think I knew what it was to be truly self sacrificing until he was born. He has such a sweet spirit about him!! My desire for him
is to be a mighty man of God and for him to follow the Lord all the days of his life !!
Drew has had a busy month ! He had his teeth worked on at Children's Hospital, and did awesome !The nurses said he was one of the sweetest boys they had ever seen!!He also had his birthday this month and turned four years old,WOW!!! Time goes by fast !!His birthday party was at Chuck E Cheeses ,by request!! He had a blast!!! Well,I'm ready for this next year with him and excited about his life !!He has filled our lives with joy!!!

Friday, March 24, 2006

O.K.,I wanted to share some pictures of Hunter 's birthday turning two even though his birthday was in February!!This is such a great age !! He is full of life and curiosity. He loves exploring and playing with his brother! He is independent and yet he is so in need of your help at all times,even though he knows what he wants and has an opinion!! He is also talking and communicating great !!What a life to be two! I thank God for my gift He has given me, my precious HAPPY Hunter!!

  • Here are just a few pictures of Brent and I on our vacation in Arizona and California. What an awesome time we had!!! We had so much fun just hanging out and eating good food with David(Brent's brother) and Erica!!! And their precious baby Emily!!!