Monday, February 11, 2008

Hunter turns 4!!!!! Wow, what a joy Hunter is!He is far more precious then I could of imagined!!!!!Age three was such a great age!!!I loved it!!!It was so fun to see him learning his independence and be totally potty trained!!!!:)Ha!(No more diapers!!!)Drew and Hunter played so well together this last year, that was really awsome! It is still so weird that he is four!!!It makes me sad to think about how fast it went.....he is my baby!!!I will get over it though!!I am really excited to see what is in store for him this year and all the new things he will learn !!I love you my Hunters and we are so proud of you!!!
Hunter and Grandma Joy made his Star Wars birthday cake together!That was a big deal for him!!He loved his Star Wars cake and was SO proud!!!!

Stephanie(Hunter's cousin) was able to come over and celebrate his special day with him!!!

Hunter at his preschool birthday party!

Hunter and his girlfriend Evie at preschool!!!They are best friends at preschool!
It's really cute!!:)