Friday, November 10, 2006

Here are pictures of our Halloween and Drew's preschool field trip to the Maris farm pumpkin patch....I'm just a little late posting pictures of Halloween!!!!HA!!!! Buzz Lightyear and Woody.
Trick or treating with Johnny and Josiah.What a blast!!

This is the only picture with Hunter wearing his cowboy hat!!!

Drew would not open his eyes for this picture!!!To funny!

Hunter swimming in corn kernels!!That was super fun!!!
Drew and Hunter on the cow train.Hunter is the third one up.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

More pictures soon!!!
~My SURPRISE Party!!!!~

I turned the big 30 on Sunday the 29th and Brent my husband,Jess and Kaela all threw me a surprise birthday party.My plan was to just have dinner with a few friends at Buca di Beppos in Seattle.(so I thought)But by the day of my birthday the only friends we were having dinner with were John and Jess ,so I was really sad no one else was coming!!!I didn't even want to go to Beppos any more but of coarse they made me!-When we arrived all my friends were there.WOW!!I was soooo surprised!!!!I really felt special!!!My very most favorite part was when they sang happy birthday to me and the whole room was packed with other people having birthdays and everyone joined in and sang happy birthday to JUST me!!!...(I think that is funny since I don't like attention to me at all!!!!) Kaela and Eli put green and white balloons on every chair around the table and Melissa made me the most beautiful cake in the world!!!!!!The cake even had real white lilies and flowers on it!!!I was truly blessed on my birthday and I felt so honored to be there with my friends!!!Thank you to everyone that was a part of my birthday by making it special to me!!!
And a special thank you to Sean and Karen who were not able to be there because they were watching the boys for us!!!We so appreciate them and wish they could of been there!!!
I can't post picture right now but I will very SOON!!So stay tuned!!