Thursday, May 31, 2007

~Our New Addition~
This is our new puppy Chloe!!!She is a English bulldog.We have been looking for a English bulldog now for a few long months!!It has been no where as easy as I thought it would be to find her!!!!Chloe is So sweet though and worth the wait and frustration!!!She is so laid back and not like any dog we have ever had or seen!!!!It's so weird to have such a mellow puppy!Our puppies in the past were so much work that Chloe seems like such a piece of cake!!Except for potty training!!!!:)The boys love her too!!Maybe a little to much at times!!!!She has been a great new addition to our family!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

*Our family pictures*

Here are just a few pictures we had taken of our family.It was so hard for us to get a good family picture with the boys!!!They are so wiggly and busy!!We also had the whole Kelly clan pictures taken with all Brent's brothers and their families!!!It was fun but I'm not sure we got a perfect picture of everyone!!