Tuesday, April 18, 2006

These are a few pictures of Easter!! Hunter is really hard to take a picture of, by the time the camera flashes he blinks or turns his head .It's quite funny.

This is a picture of my beautiful sister (my one and only) Janae`.She is a mom of four, and has been married for thirteen years to a wonderful godly man named Mike .They served in the ministry for twelve years. (or more),and she has three girls and one boy. We are six and a half years apart in age which seems like worlds apart growing up. She is a wonderful person and full of energy and spunk .She makes me laugh and I enjoy spending time with her , I am free to be myself...... We spent the Sunday before Easter at their house and we had Mexican food,yummy!! Which I have to say my husband Brent knows how to make Mexican food incredible!!!!!! He's had lots of good practice!!........On Easter Sunday we had dinner at our house .It was lots of fun!! The boys both got Easter baskets for the first time ,and they thought it was really cool!!It is those simple things in life that are so great ,I mean how cute is it that coloring books,candy and stickers can make them happy !! And the Easter egg hunt,it doesn't get any better then that!