Wednesday, March 21, 2007

*Drew and Hunter's Birthday Party!!!*
What a great party!!!Drew and Hunter had the time of their lives!!I think it was a very unforgettable party!!!(22 kids and all) The kids really seemed to have a blast even in the rain!!!

Hunter and Johnny in the barn playing and jumping in the hay!

The kids in the bunny room loved holding and playing with all the bunnys!! I could only take one picture though.I am SO allergic!!!

The kids feeding the horses,goats, sheep, and chickens

Little Stephanie your so cute!!:)

Very wet Hunter and Johnny!!
Hunter got to be the first one to ride on the pony.The fearless Hunter!!!
Drew was a little hesitant about riding but got the hang of it pretty quick!!!He had a blast!!

The line up for the pony, horse or donkey rides!!!They got to chose what ever they wanted to ride!!Johnny of coarse wanted to ride the BIG horse!!:)

Happy birthday Drew and Hunter!!!!Thank you so much to everyone who came to the party and made it so special!!!!And a special thanks to John and Jess for blessing us with the birthday party!!They knew how much it meant to us to have a party for the boys!Thank you so much for being so generous!!!We love you so much!!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

It's official Drew turned five on March sixth!!!

I can't believe it!!!!It seems like Drew was just a baby!!It freaks me out to think in the next five years he will be ten!!!!Where does the time go!!?!Next year is kindergarten and so I hear time flies by even more once they start school!!WOW!!
Drew had a little birthday party at preschool.It was fun to see Drew at school with all his class mates! I brought vanilla and chocolate cupcakes to his party.If you look close at the picture you can tell what cupcake Drew likes and even his friend!!
I'm so proud of Drew, he is really a kind and thoughtful little boy!!!Happy birthday Drew bug!!!!!WE LOVE YOU!!!!!