Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Our day at Woodland Park Zoo!!!

Every summer for the last three years the boys and I go to the zoo with my mom ,sister and her kids.But this year my sister couldn't go due to a busy schedule.It was just our family and my parents were able to join us for just a few hours.What a perfect day we had though!We all had SO much fun!!It was fun just to have a family day since it was the last weekend before Drew starts school!! We wanted to do something very special and fun!!!

This was the first time I have been to the Woodland Park Zoo since I was in third grade.We got there early and stayed until it closed and we still didn't even see every thing!It is SO big!!!I was truly amazed by everything. I started to get a little animal crazy!!I totally love animals!!!!They make me so happy!!!

My camera ran out of batteries so these are the only pictures we have!!I wish we had more pictures to show you ,there were so many great moments!!! But then again maybe you all should be glad!!!:)

Drew Bug!!

So cute!!!:)

Drew loves lions!!!The lions were sleeping the two times we went to see them.But when we were leaving we could hear the lion roar.Drew thought that was awesome.That was one of his favorite memories!!!He also loved feeding the birds ....which I have no pictures of.:( Drew was holding a pop stick with bird food on the end of it and a bird flew on the stick.His little face was so precious!!

I think he is roaring in this picture!!What do you think!?

The arangatangs were my favorite animal at the zoo!!!They were so funny and cute!Their eyes were so curious.

The butterfly exhibit was really awesome!We watched two butterflies come out of their cocoon.Very Cool!!And a butterfly landed on my mom's toe.

Hunter couldn't quite reach!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

* Camping At the ocean*

That face .... love it!!!:)

Drew,Johnny,Josiah,and Hunter


Brotherly Love!

John and Johnny:)

Brent giving Hunter a break from the long hike!

Sweet Chloe our mosquito catcher!!!

The cutest boys in the world!!

The Cagles:)We love you!!!

Drew is ready to go!

Ahhh... Johnny and Hunter are SO cute!!!